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We absolutely love this brand - everything about them is sheer brilliance. The design, the concept, the website.

Based in London, Ben & Sam formed 2SickBastards in 2003 as an artist collaboration and T-shirt label. They set out to create thought-provoking, well-crafted designs that didn’t conform to the sanitised, commercial world that surrounded them. Unfortunately their sick, infantile humour reared its ugly head every time they tried to get serious and the result was 2Sickbastards.

The overall themes within their work come from the bizarre underbelly of modern life, tabloid newspaper sensationalism & public celebrity obsession, as well as the corrupt and self-serving nature of big business and world politics. Throw in a healthy dose of counter-culture, B-movies, comics, punk attitude & pop art and you have the dark, twisted, tongue firmly-in-cheek world of 2SB...


T-Shirt 2sickbastards 1-Wysokiej jakości wykonanie-Oryginalne wykończenie-Materiał: 100%Bawełna-Kolor: Biały

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