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Our storePolish Skateshop UK was established in 2012 roku and was the first store in the market to achieve a massive success with the customers to be able to operate so dynamically. Ever since then, we have been the pioneers and trend-setters in the sale of the Polish clothing brands in England. Many years of experience in online sales and in running a store have allowed us to expand and develop a high-quality customer service that is purely based on customer needs and wants.


At the beginning of our journey, the Polish community living in the United Kingdom was only able to purchase stock closely related to thePolish rap scene and the hip-hop culture through our store from the most popular Polish brands such as Prosto, Stoprocent, SSG, Patriotic and PLNY. Over the time, we have expanded our horizons and added more mainstream brands that are known and loved by many. This included EL POLAKO, Diamante Wear, Patriotic, BOR, Demonologia andMass Denim. And we will continue to make every effort to get the freshest high-quality Polish brands into the store to make them available to the Polish community living in the United Kingdom.


Contrary to the name Polish Skateshop UK our store has only recently started selling skate clothing brandsand accessories. The name of the store now truly reflects the items we have in stock and we can now bring our customers a wide range of skate clothing brands and accessories. This is all thanks to our co-operation with one of the best and longest running Polish skateshops - the iconic Chrom
In the RIDE OR DIE category, everyone who loves skateboarding, snowboard, bicycles, BMX, skates andlongboards will find exactly what they need. We supply complete skateboards as well as individual parts ( boards, trucks , wheels , bearings and other accessories). You can be prepared for the ride with the highest quality shoes , pants, protectors , goggles , bindings , covers, helmets and gloves .
And when practicing extreme sports, you may wish to ensure your outfit is on point with the likes of the brands such asVans or Trasher.


Polish Skatehop UK offers all classic streetwear brands and all the latest and freshest upcoming brands. The street fashion and ubran culture is our passion. It does not matter whether you are an enthusiast of the 90s Golden Era or the contemporary, new school trends - everyone will find something for themselves! Wu Wear, Nike, And1, New Era, O’neill, Roca Wear, Stussy, Reebok these brands need not be introduced to anyone that is appreciative of a casual and sporty lifestyle. Polish Skateshop UK provides a whole range of products to suit your needs, fromfootwear, through pants and accessories, to t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and ending with caps All easy recogniseable, global, popular brands at a reasonable price.


Most stores operating in our market usually only caters to men and if they do have some stock for women, the range is often poor and limited to a number of items. We are, therefore, here to make sure that women can also find something for themselves.

You will find that we have a wide range of stock specifically dedicated to women, inclusive of Sweatshirts, Jewelry , Footwear, Jackets i Caps. Tops i T-shirts.


Street artists - we have not forgotten about you either! " One of the least commercial and ''cleanest'' element of the hip-hop culture. Of course, this part is all about graffiti. In our store, Polish Skateshop UK, you will find markers, felt-tip pens and paints produced and manufactured by the best companies in the market - Ironlak, Loop, Molotv, Montana Sounds familiar? Sure, it does!